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The following is a scrap book of our favorite articles relating to our unique exploration vehicles and their navigators!

MD Rear Hatch AC Sandspur Beach.jpeg

This article crashed our website when it originally published. Click lightly, but click often!

Great for sharing with family and friends before you venture out in a Keys Westys camper, as it explains the significance and avoids 21 questions from Aunt Martha.

Soup to nuts overview about how cool it is to take one of our Westys over the bridges and through the islands of the picture-perfect Overseas Highway - with free tastes of scenic views, fresh air & sunshine!

This is a great article by Car & Driver Magazine's Steve Spence.  Published by Car & Driver in March of 2022, it was originally published in March of 1992!  The story chronicles the VW Transporter in its patch to peace, love and happiness - from a deadhead's perspective.

Bravo Mr. Spence!

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